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Lasers serve different purposes, from diminishing fine lines to removing hair.


There are many different types of lasers that are used by medical professionals. These lasers serve different purposes, from diminishing fine lines to removing hair. You may be considering lasers as a cosmetic procedure for your needs. Even so, learning about lasers can feel like a challenge when you have to try and decipher medical lingo. Thankfully, laser treatment methods are not that difficult to understand.

How do Lasers work?

Lasers only contain a concentration of one color and are therefore monochromatic. A laser only emits one concentration of one color of light. This can also be referred to as a wavelength. The wavelength of the laser has to be tuned to correspond to whatever the cosmetic surgeon attempts to correct. This allows the laser to address the target area. Different types of lasers feature different wavelengths, which can then be used for a number of conditions.

Lasers are used for a variety of different conditions as treatment options...
  • Wrinkles

  • Fine lines

  • Pigmented lesions

  • Loose skin

  • Hair removal

If you experience a skin condition, you should schedule an initial consultation to determine a diagnosis. An initial consultation can provide the medical professional with an overview of your medical history and help them determine the best treatment option for you and your needs. Liora Dermatology takes an individualized approach to each patient, helping to create a customized treatment plan. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about surgical dermatology and whether it is an option for you.

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