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Ethnic Skin Types

The experts of Liora Dermatology have the experience to evaluate, diagnose, treat various skin conditions that affect ethnic skin.


There are many skin conditions that primarily affect ethnic skin. Therefore, it is essential to find a dermatologist who specializes in ethnic skin concerns and has a track record of proven results in the field. Although many people of African-American, Latin, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern ancestry have darker skin tones, they do not all have the same skin type.

What Is Ethnic Dermatology?

Ethnic dermatology is a specific study of dermatology that focuses on skin disorders in patients with pigmented skin. Medical professionals in this field diagnose and treat these patients. Ethnicity is self-identified; as a result, many patients have more than one ethnicity. Ethnic dermatology honors ethnic diversity by recognizing that different ethnic groups and people with varying skin colors experience different skin diseases.

Common pigmentary disorders...
  • Vitiligo

  • Melasma

  • Hyperpigmentation

If you experience a skin condition, you should schedule an initial consultation to determine a diagnosis. An initial consultation can provide the medical professional with an overview of your medical history and help them determine the best treatment option for you and your needs. Liora Dermatology takes an individualized approach to each patient, helping to create a customized treatment plan. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about surgical dermatology and whether it is an option for you.

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